In wrycylinder.xyz – Youtube MP3 a detailed analysis, we present evidence that there was once a unicorn population living in the Andes Mountains in South America – a world beyond what we previously thought,” says the researcher. “We conclude that the real-life unicorn story may be one we would all love to believe in, but for some reason, it didn’t happen.”

The finding seems so unbelievable, that many experts insist that the researchers were mistaken, with many claiming that there is nothing unusual about the species, aside from it’s unfortunate appearance. How did they communicate? Could unicorns be speaking to each other through some weird mental telepathy?

“They do not have the same technology as humans because it does not work through language, but there is no doubt they communicate with each other through telepathy,” said psychologist, Rodrigo Prieto, who conducted the study. “We were shocked to hear how close they came to the status of human beings. In the traditional conception of dragons, dragons must be able to talk to one another. It is not just a miracle, it is. And, they actually demonstrated symptoms of language impairment on one of the tests.

In the study, which was recently published in the journal PLOS One, the researchers, whose bodies were covered in sweat and completely soaked in water from water bottles, managed to walk into the valley where they found the unicorn herd. It’s not hard to understand the purpose of this particular test, but to the researchers this is the most incredible thing that they have ever seen.

“The fairy kingdom may be one of the most wondrous, inaccessible realms.