this is what you need. really ! ist more importand than you think.

The software is called Audacity and it is a free tool. The download for Windows is here. The Mac version is available here.

enables you to edit or copy a piece of audio for editing or recording.
It’s not a “bandwidth intensive” tool because it takes just a few
seconds, but it is pretty easy to learn. It is a great tool to edit
music on.

If you are into editing music, the audio is quite
smooth and you may be able to do everything in one shot. But it’s not
perfect because it doesn’t handle high bitrate audio, which is the
reason it’s only good for editing with the right audio software.

is a demo video of me making some music with it for a song called
“Turtle” or “Turtles”. In this video I recorded it on my laptop and I
was recording it, I was using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. To
edit it back there on my desktop computer was a little bit of a pain,
but it did the job pretty smoothly.

I was using the same file on both computers with an iPhone and it worked out fine.