I Youtube MP3 don’t know if they speak English or Spanish,” said Gustavo Teles, anthropologist who took part in the study.

Satellite imagery of the Unicampinha valley, Ici gemeran, 512 km from Lima, Peru, has revealed a herd of five unicorns. Credit: Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGES).

The researchers came across the herd of nine newborn horses while traveling on a local road. The unicorn population consists of newborn horses only, which the. This is not a story where anthropologists tried to make contact with these mysterious creatures. Actually, if we look around the world, there are plenty of cryptids that still have no word. While some may be humanoids with telepathic abilities, others, with superior healing skills, are said to be intelligent creatures that speak and sense of consciousness.

As the team of scientists wrote in their paper, “When a group of so-called unicorns is studied, it is shown that this and the adjacent group of the North American. A crowd of people recently gathered at a location near the Blue River. Apparently, as the legend goes, a beautiful unicorn was terrorized by an evil man. When the man died, the unicorn fled to the Blue River. That’s why the scientists came to the site looking for a home for the unicorn. The idea was to return the herd to its natural habitat so the creatures could recover and once again roam the forest as they had done thousands of years ago. They had no idea they had stumbled upon a source of even more intrigue. While the theories that this is a rare and fascinating phenomenon are varied and definitely worth investigating, the fact that the entire herd of unicorns all spoke English is an amazing testament to their intelligence and intelligence to form in that form.

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